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Hi Donna!  We're desperately in need of your help on this.  I attempted to call but I received a strange message and then beeps.  Anyway, we have had "Betty" a pygmy goat for a little over a month.  She's a fully grown doe and has been completely fine the entire time we've had her.  No problems at all, eating great, friendly, drinking, pooping fine and peeing!  Today my son came running to get me because unfortunately, Betty was in the process of aborting twins.  The babies were normal looking as far as I could tell but had not formed hair yet and were quite obviously premature.  I've googled a lot about what to do and what would cause this but I'm guessing it was stress from her move here to our place.  The babies looked fine, just hairless and premature.  They were even alive for a few moments before passing away.  I have not seen Betty pass the placenta yet but there is stringy stuff still coming out.  She is walking around and seemingly in good spirits for now and chewing her cud.  I'm concerned about what we should do for Betty at this point.  We didn't even know she was pregnant when we got her.  We do have LA 200 on hand as well as probiotics.  Please help us keep Betty healthy!  You can call me if it's easier  and Thank You so very much!

I don't see any missed calls on my phone - 360-742-8310.  

It is possible that stress along with low selenium levels could cause an abortion at what sounds like 4-6 weeks out from true kidding date.  It is also possible a poisonous plant ingestion can cause this too.  Do you know any of her background about kidding previously, etc.?  She may also have an infection such as Chlamydia that can cause abortion late in pregnancy.  If there are other goats in her pen perhaps one of them hit her in the stomach, but it would have to have been a pretty hard hit.  Her placenta should pass within 12 hours of kidding - if the string gets too long/dragging on the ground, you can cut it off about one foot in length from her rear - leaving it long though also helps with gravity and the placenta coming out.  I would start her on antibiotics as a precaution - LA200 is fine 4 cc/100 pounds once every other day for 5 days.  During this time she must also be on probiotics - powdered or yogurt works well - once a day is fine.  I would advise giving her warm molasses water (or karo syrup added/whichever you might have) - about 1/4 cup of molasses to two quarts of warm water - most goats love this and it will replace the fluids she lost during kidding. If she stops eating I would give her vitamin B complex human vitamins - twice the human dosage twice a day (grind up and dissolve in a little hot water and give orally).  Do hope this helps - let me know - Donna  


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