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QUESTION: My small herd have all just had little ones and i have 10 kids running with 5 does.
One of the little one (5 days old)has a very wonky backend. She was third born of triplets (first of which was stillborn)
The third born of another set of triplets also had a wonky leg...this fixed it self in about first 3 days.    As for this little one in question it seems more to be from the hips than a leg that I could maybe splint. Any suggestions?
I have also noticed all mums have a much softer faeces than usual. We have drenched them all within a week of giving birth.  is faeces fora nursing mum usually softer for any reason.?
Many thanks

ANSWER: Sorry for the delay in answering - re the kid goat with weak/wobbly rear legs/hips - I would suspect this is selenium deficiency - use of human selenium at one 200 mcg tablet crushed and dissolved in a little hot water with half the oil from a 1000 IU vitamin E capsule and half the oil from an 800 IU capsule of vitamin D - mix, cool and give orally - repeat in two days. I would also take this kid away from the herd as she is at risk of death or injury.   Re the soft poop of the does, this can be just a normal item of post kidding.  Are the does otherwise eating and drinking okay?  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Thank you Donna,
WE are a bot of a selenium deficient area so that makes sense.....I was planning to dose all does in next few days anyway so I have selenium on hand I will dose the little one as well...and again with all the mums in two days.......yes the mums all seem well enough (eating and drinking)- might take a sample and have parasite tested just to be sure perhaps.
Will update you on the little one in a few days
Thanks again

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  The adult goats receive 2 mg or ten of the 200 mcg tablets of selenium.  You might also look at the little one's lower inner eyelids (anemia would be caused from the barber pole worm or liver flukes) - it is possible that anemia if present could cause weakness - eyelids should be rosy pink.  Might also check the whole herd as anemia can also cause loose poop, although most times with loose poop that is caused by regular stomach worms.  Getting a parasite check on the poop is a good idea.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Have just administered second dose of selenium to Jenna (The little kid in question)...She is still a bit wonky.... more a sway in the back end than anything else.....but she is keeping up with the others really well.
Her eyelids (and in fact all the herds eyelids) look fine so shall await poop sample results before the next step (if any).  Will be giving all Mums selenium treatment starting tomorrow. I guess i just wait and see how she goes....shes a very happy little thing so all seems well aside her 'sway'.

Thanks much for the update.  If you see even a small improvement, might go with a third dose for her - it will not hurt her.  If in another 7 days she is still not much improved it may be time to look at copper deficiency, which can cause joint looseness as does selenium deficiency.  Let me know when you want to start it and I will figure out the dosing.  Glad she is keeping up with the others.  Donna


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