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Thanks again Donna and yes I would like to have the remedy u spoke of. At this point I would really hate to lose him after all the work Im putting into saving him.  I will for the time beeing, cut back on the ounces to maybe 2-3 a feeding and will also span them out a bit. maybe try 6 - 8 hrs.  I really do think he is nursing when Im not around, but deffinately not as often as other.  When u get time just send that remedy. And no I do not think Ive seen how he acts after he is humped up. I think he does take off running a few minutes later but will pay more attention to that also

Hi there - the product is called Nux Vomica - since I have not used it in a while I am going to talk with my homeopathic expert to remind me of the dosing (there are also two strengths that I do not remember what we used on the other kid goats) - should have that mid day for you - you can get it online or if you have a supplement or health food store they sometimes have it.  Good idea on the amount and timing of the feedings to change to.  It does sound like he is sneaking some food from his mom.  Donna

Updated information for you:  So I sent my friend an e-mail and this was her reply - indeed this did wonders for the goats I dealt with - almost hard to believe something of such small amount could help but it did - an example was one little guy I had did the same thing little Zee is doing after his bottle in that he would finish his bottle and while all the other bottle raised kids were jumping off the bales of hay and running around on full tummies he would just go stand in a corner looking humped up and cold.  Started that little guy on the Nux and after the 2nd dose he was beginning to jump and play after his bottle - took him 2 days of remedy but never looked back after that - he was a jumping/playing fool-sounded like he was making a milkshake after he drank his bottle and started playing.  So am in hopes that little Zee will do the same.  

Here is Kathryn's (homeopathic person) reply: "Yea, I'd go with Nux.  She would probably only be able to get a 30c potency (which is the potency typically available at the health food stores), so I'd go 3 doses of that, roughly two hours apart, then see how he does.  She might not see something right away, but say later that day, or maybe the next, he'd be perkier and take the bottle more readily/rapidly.  If we had a kid like that here, I'd expect to see gradual improvement over several days, maybe even "am I imagining an improvement?" rate of change.  But that's what I'd start with.  If new symptoms came up (such as spiking a fever, stops the bottle altogether, other symptoms), that would mean the Nux moved him into another remedy which better fits his symptoms.  At that point, we'd get the new symptoms and get the wee little guy on the next remedy.  Such a hard start in life, one remedy might not cover all his little issues.  So, that's what I'd recommend."  Re the amount to use: "Just dissolve 6 pellets into 1/2 cup of distilled water, lukewarm or cooler, swish for 30 seconds, then use a syringe to squirt a few cc's into the mouth without any other foods/liquids.  For each subsequent dose, just draw from the same mix with a new/clean syringe.  When cleaning the syringe, hot water is sufficient; don't need soap."

Hope that helps - Donna  


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