QUESTION: Hi, my name is Allison and I have 16 goats. Our goats have been bred for 2 years but this is our first time actually breeding them. My Togg was bred Saturday and we tried again Sunday. We thought it worked about 7 times but she is still in heat. Do you think there is a chance it worked being as she is still in heat?
Also, I have a Nubian that never seems to be in heat. The last time i observed her in heat was around September. She is about 4 1/2 yrs. I was going to give her a shot of Lutalyse so that I would know for sure when she is in heat. I was doing a lot of reading and some people say that it doesn't really work? that they will come in heat but the breeding will not work? Did you ever use it of think that she will be successful getting pregnant on the shot?
Thanks so much!!!! Allison :)

ANSWER: Hello - so goats can be in standing heat (when they will accept the buck) for anywhere from one hour to 3 days - it is an individual thing.  With that said your Togg could certainly have been bred but still in heat as she would still be in standing heat even after servicing - they don't just go out of heat once serviced - let me know if I understood your question correctly.  Re the Nubian, some does have silent heats or irregular heats - use of a buck rag to test to see if they are in a standing heat or coming into one helps (you take a small piece of material and rub it vigorously over the buck's chest, and underbody and then keep it in an enclosed container, bringing it out every few days to let the doe sniff it - if she wags her tail and is very interested in it then she is in standing heat).   Allowing her to stay with the buck will also bring her into heat that the buck will know that she is ready even though you might not be able to tell - but in this breeding your chances are extremely high for all male kids being born - early breeding for males, mid gives you males and females, and late breeding (late in standing heat cycle that is) gives you generally a higher chance of females being born.  As to the Lutalyse - this does work and I have not heard of the inability for a doe to get pregnant from this - I know a number of breeders who want all their does to come into heat at once so breeding is done with quickly.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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Yes this helps me so much!!! I have been so worried that none of my goats were going to get bred. I feel better knowing that my togg may be pregnant. I believe you were saying that even if you breed the 1st day of the 3 days she is in heat, she will still be in heat the next 3 days. And for the Nubian, my problem has also been that my nubian buck is only 8 months and is just not ready yet. We have been trying to find someone to bred the Nubians. It's just that if I take her somewhere, they will have no way of knowing if she is in heat so I just thought I could give her a shot. Thanks again. I feel so much better. Maybe I can sleep tonight. Thanks!!!

ANSWER: Yup, so if your doe is bred/gets pregnant on her first day of standing heat she will still show signs of the standing heat for up to 3 days.  And, I totally understand about your other doe, taking her somewhere that is not going to be watchig and waiting for the right time to put the buck in or takes the time to be sure she gets covered is really a waste of time.  Re your Nubian buck - they are potent at 4 months of age, it is just his stature that needs to be tall enough to cover the does.  Hoping all goes well.  Donna

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Sorry I just have one more question promise. So for what you said about the chances of getting males versus females, since this is his first year breeding, are you saying there is a high chance of getting all males? I am not sure I understood you correctly. Or are you talking about the heat cycle?

Never any worries about questions - that's what I volunteer for.  So re increasing chances for males or females to be born the following is a good rule of thumb - if you breed your doe early in her heat cycle then she has more of a chance of having male kids born, if you breed her in the middle of her cycle then it is more likely she will have an even number of males to females and if bred toward the last part of her standing heat time period there is an increased chance of her having all females.  Remember, the standing heat time period (when she will accept the buck) can be as little as an hour or as much as 3 days - I had one doe that had a standing heat time of 15 minutes - really horrid - so that is why we ended up getting our own bucks.  So if you want a higher chance of having a doeling(s) born then you would want to wait as long as you can towards the end of the doe's standing heat period in order to have her bred.  Hope this helps - Donna


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