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Goats/goat with out of place hip and broken pelvis


We had a goat show up at our farm about four years ago and it was love at first sight. He has been a member of our family ever since. He doesn't really think of himself as a goat either. Pretty sure he thinks he is a dog!! He chases animals with the dogs and everything. He insists sleeping in our driveway/parking area and someone ran him over Saturday night. We have no idea who since it happened at 2:30 am and we were asleep until we heard Jerry (the goat) crying. I called our vet immediatley and was advised to give him asprin, put him in the garage to get him comfy and see how he was in the morning. The vet came out and concluded his pelvis was broke in several place and his left hip was out. He was unable to put the hip back in due to the broken pelvis. Nobody will do surgery since he is overwieght (spoiled) and an older goat (we think, really have no idea other than he is at least 4). THe vet advised we keep him on pain meds and confined to a small area to give him time to heal on his own. We made him a very comfy home in our garage with a feather bed and everything. We have no problem giving him his pain pills since he loves potato chips we put them in there :)He will stand and walk just a very little. His pen in probable about 5x8. My concern is he will get depressed being kept from the other animals. We can not just keep our garage open due to the fact we have several things of great value in it and really dont want all the cats and dogs using it as a bathroom. He is around 80 lbs. Any suggestions to make him more comfortable would be great. Thanks so much

So sorry to hear of this injury.  I agree with the vet, let things heal as best they can by themselves.  I would keep him on aspirin at one 325 mg tablet every four hours.  If he is ever not eating well would be sure to keep him on probiotics and vitamin B complex - both human type is fine.  You can also start him on glucosamine with chondroitin and MSM - this will help keep the joints flexible and the MSM is an anti-inflammatory - human type is fine - human dose once a day for his size should do.  I would also put him on a homeopathic trauma remedy called Arnica Montana - this can be given every 2 hours for two doses a day - it helps with the tissues and other injured parts to be open to healing.  Could also use another homeopathic remedy called Pulsatilla that can help with depression and nervousness from an injury - this is every 2 hours for two doses a day - usual human dose for both this and the Arnica is 5 pellets given orally - they dissolve quickly in the mouth and head through the blood stream from there - so for his weight I would suggest 2 to 3 pellets.  None of this will hurt him.  Now for your question - re concern over his depression from being away from other animals.  You could build a small enclosure for him near the other animals if you are sure he would rather be with them than you, but it sounds like he would rather see you/people more - you can also leave a radio on for him to keep him company when you are not there.   Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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