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Goats/how to introduce 3 month old goat to momma goat


I have recently bought a 3 mounth old goat and tried to introduce him to a momma goat and her kid. She has bucked at him and nailed him a couple of times so we have seperated him from her,but my other kid doesnt mind the new kid just the mother does. How long till she will let him in with them without hurting him? thanks to whoever read this and answered back! :)

Unfortunately I doubt she will ever allow the new goat in and I would not even try to put the new little one in with her as it will put it in fatal harms way.  Once the other kid goat is weaned perhaps you could put the two little kids together, again, away from the older goat.  Know this is inconvenient but you would not want to see the little 3 month old fatally injured by the doe, which can happen.  Donna


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