Tried getting help from vet but not confident on what they recommended. I was at store and called them on which product to purchase. Ended up buying Prolat/Lintox-HD by starbar. Our nubian has a scaly scabby looking thing above one eye. Our LaManchas don't have that but some have crusties outside of ear(s). Is this safe to use? We did have her bred on Oct. 30th, so she should be expecting. Should I spray this stuff in their pens? Thank you for your help.  Is there a goat guide/book out there listing medications/treatments and dosage for goats? If not, someone needs to write one.  I would buy it and one the vet office too.

Hi there - I have never used the Prolat/Lintox - I know it is an organophosphate and a cholinesterase inhibitor - so can be toxic to livestock.  Is the any redness to the scales/scabs?  This could be a fungus or it could be mange mites.  The outside of the ear crusty items certainly sound like mange mites.  I generally advise two items to use - one is Zimectrin oral horse wormer - this has ivermectin in it and kills external parasites from the inside out - you triple the weight of your goat and find the closest higher dosage on the plunger of the wormer, set the lock and give orally.  I also advise use of poultry or horse or livestock dust - if you have small areas of concern you can make a paste of the dust and water and place that paste onto the affected areas.  If mange mites is the culprit you should see improvement in 10 days.  Re the scaly scabby area above the eye on the one goat - this could be mange mites but also could be a fungus and I might suggest use of an antifungal cream - human over the counter type works well generally. You would use the antifungal cream either as a first remedy and if that does not clear it up then go with the mange mite remedy.  Re a goat guide/book - I am in the midst of writing one - currently it is at 200 pages, about 100 pages more to go, I think - I am in hopes it will be on the market in 3 to 6 months - working full time outside the home/farm and then having a small farm just does not give me enough time to complete it in a more timely manner - I know folks want it - will keep you posted as to when it is ready.  Let me know above the above items - any other symptoms, etc.  Re use of the powder and the Zimectrin, neither will hurt the does or their fetuses.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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