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Hi I have a four month Pygmy goat male who was neutered with a band a month ago and now for a week hasn't been able to pee. last Friday-. First signs stretching out to pee crying bc it hurt with only a dribble of pee coming out. So I called the vet she got to see him on Tuesday by this time I have been giving baking  soda and pineapple juice to him everyday and started penicillin on Monday all she did was give him steroids for swelling bc his bottom was all swollen she sent me home with another shot of steroids for Wednesday and to continue penicillin and call her back on Friday.  The swelling on his bottom Is worse and under his stomach and his penis has a black crust which I removed he is getting worse I think it's stones and that he is gonna not make it bc he hasn't got treatment yet. He is my baby and I want to help him. He is still foraging around the yard but isn't himself please help

Hello - What is his temperature - measurement please.  Sounds like he has an infection not stones.  What feed regimen has he been on.  Baking soda is not advised.  Pineapple juice is not advised.  If stones then concentrated lemon juice is needed.  Penicillin will help the infection - give 2 cc as first dose and then 1 cc twice a day for 7 days.  He also needs probiotics during antibiotic treatment.  Giving him aspirin - human 325 mg - 1/4 of this tablet crushed and dissolved and given orally every 4 hours will help with pain and inflammation as well as if he has a fever (over 102.5).  Give me a call too so we can talk more - Donna 360-742-8310


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