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QUESTION: Yes it is me once again and I want to appologize for the constant questions. It just seems like it is one thing and then another this morning.  Ok lets see. The 2 new babies seem to be nursing. Will not take bottle and I see them nursing. Whether they are getting much Im not sure but their bellies do fill full. That is a start and I will keep watching and attempting to help if need be.  With the older 2, the one I have been bottle feeding ( substituting)  now has orangish scours. Not real runny like water but pudding like consistantly. What to do? Should I lay off bottle milk and see if he takes to mom ?  Just dont want to keep messing w/ his little belly>  Thank u again

ANSWER: No apologies necessary - ask away, anytime.  Glad the new ones are nursing, and seeing their bellies full is a good indication they are getting a good amount.  The orange color poop/soft poop is the usual color for kid goats at age 2 or 3 days - I might thin out the powdered milk for today.  The mineral oil could have caused the pudding consistency.  If it does not begin to thicken by evening would give 2 cc of pepto bismol - people type - for its antidiarrheal help.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: Well I checked on them earlier and everyone was snoozing quietly so I left well alone!  Will go out shortly to feed the does and look in on the babies. When u say thin out the bottles, do u mean less often? Maybe 8 to 10 hrs apart or what?  Will let u know later how all are doing.

ANSWER: Re thinning - meaning less powder and more water - this sometimes helps their tummies adjust easier.  Then when the poop seems more normal can go back to full strength formula.   Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Update for this morning. The 2 little one born yesterday morning made it thru the night without a problem. They seem to be nursing momma and staying close to her at all times. I even attempted to let her out this morning to graze a bit and she refused.  Now with the others, little Zee that I have been bottle feeding shows signs of his poop being a little thicker and darker now. I just gave him the pepto this morning so will wait to see how that works also. Im still watering down bottles because I dont want to make matters worse. He does on the other hand seem to be yelling a bit more than he has been and seems hungry. If he is getting none from mom then how much should I be feeding him and how often at 5 days old?  I witnessed mom this morning butting him as he tried to fight his way thru to get to me. And I also see her nurse the other and when he approaches she walks away. He may only be getting what I feed him.   Now another question is when should I start letting the older ones out w/ herd during the day?

Thanks for the update - glad all made it through the night.  Re little Zee - glad the poop is a little thicker - and it is still orange, correct, but darker?  If so that is a good sign.  Did all get their CDT toxoid vaccinations at 1/2 cc each?  Since the weather is cold I would recommend this vaccination to help keep their immune systems fighting off enterotoxemia - this can be an stress that can cause the bacteria (already in all goat systems) to explode in growth and cause toxins to be released which then can be fatal.  Enterotoxemia's main symptom is runny, mucous, yellow diarrhea.  So re little Zee I would suspect that he is not getting anything except for what you feed him - with that, he should be receiving 2 to 4 ounces every 4 hours up until about 7 to 10 days - he may only take 2 ounces as it sounds like he is so small.  The yelling certainly sounds like he is hungry and especially if you do not see his tummy full except after you feed him that is a concern that he is not getting any from mom too.  If she continues to butt him it is also a concern that this could put him in harms way for injury or death, unfortunately - your decision however as to if you want to bring him into the house to get stronger at night and put him out in the day - also rubbing some odor off of the older one that the doe tolerates and rubbing that onto the little guy may help her not be able to recognize which is which.   I never let kid goats out into the herd until they are at least 2 months of age and more likely I recommend not until 4 months of age - the older goats can become very aggressive towards them - some goats are more acceptable of the little ones - but if possible I recommend a separate doe/kid pen.  Hope this helps - Donna


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