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Goats/pygmy goat possibly sick


It seems like in the past few days all I get done is get advise from you all.  I want to thank you right off the bat.   I have a pygmy doe ( about 2 yrs old)  Has always been real healthy looking and acting. First off I do believe she is bred but not certain on due date. She hardly has a sack and her vulva is just now starting to change so I would say we still have a month or so.  Anyway I noticed today that she wasnt acting normal.  Very quiet, moping around, eating little and wanting to lay around more than stand. separated her from the herd to keep an eye on her and dr.  Right off the bat I noticed she was grinding her teeth pretty bad and quit often.  I didnt see any poop from her but decided to give her pepto, and some baking soda in case she was bloated.  She was wormed about a month ago but went ahead and gave her a dose of safeguard liquid.  I did this about 6 hrs ago. Just went out to check her and she seems to not be grinding teeth ( right now)  and I notice that she has pooped but it looks like dog poop almost.  Can still see a few pellets but they were connected.  Could she have been wormy or would the pepto do this.  Any suggestions?   Thank You

Sorry for the delay.  What is her temperature?  Any stresses she has been under - weather changes, new goats to her pasture, etc.?  For bloat milk of magnesia mixed with mineral oil is best for bloat - pepto is used for diarrhea only.  Grinding her teeth indicates she is in pain.  Does her breath smell sickly sweet at all? Dog poop type poop can be indicative of worms or of digestive issues.  Any change in the feed she has been eating? Anything strange in her hay - something that is not usually there? Is her left side (where the rumen is) a lot larger than the right - I know it is probably hard to tell with her being pregnant.  The pepto can make the poop dog like poop in consistency.  I take it she was normal before?  I would check her temperature.   I might suggest you start her on penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds just in case there is an intrauterine infection - this will not hurt the kids - if you do start the penicillin you will need to give her probiotics.  If she is not eating well I would start her on vitamin B complex orally at twice the dose for humans twice a day - this will keep polio away until she starts eating again.  Would also be sure she is drinking well for you and if not would orally drench with human electrolytes.  If she was 2 weeks within kidding this could be as serious as ketosis (sweet smell to breath) or hypocalcemia (except that you said she does not have a large mammary system).  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna  


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