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QUESTION: Hi DOnna , just another update on Zee and the others.  Zee seems to have a wonderful appetite still. He is eating about 5 oz. every 5 hrs.  He would take more but I will not give it!  I do on the other hand think he is nursing momma at some point. Sometimes between feedings he still feels full to me.  That has to be a good thing right?  His poop has gotten thicker kinda. It is very sticky ( I have to wash his butt daily or his tail will stick to it) It looks like it is dark yellow/orange, but I still notice black at times.  The one thing im concerned about is the way he humps up. When Im around he is jumping and playing but when I leave and look back he humps up in a corner for a bit.  I would think he was too active to be sick, he pees and poops and eats. Should I be worried, I also wondered if the poop on his butt at times makes it hard to poop.  All others are doing wonderful!

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Little Zee sounds like he is doing well.  Re the poop - the stickiness is part of the orange/sometimes dark/black cleaning out of his digestive tract after birth - so I think we are fine with that.  The fact that he is pooping is very good.  You are correct about the sticky poop on the butt making it hard for him to poop easily - washing off several times or whenever you see the sticky poop is a good idea.  The humping up can be a digestive issue - in that he is the smallest and had a tough go in the beginning, his digestive tract just might not be functioning perfectly, but as you say he is eating, drinking, peeing, pooping and generally looks and acts like a kid.  If you see him standing humped up more often then adding perhaps 1/2 cc (yup, it's not much at all) of mineral oil to his bottle should be enough to help things slide through a little easier.  

You are also correct to not give him more than he thinks he needs.  Because he is feeling better it is possible he is getting to momma some times.

Sounds like you are doing a great job - lots of work and time - a circus at times - but the jumping and playing are all worth it - nice job.  Keep me posted - Donna

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QUESTION: Will definately keep u posted and Thanks you so much. I should only put the mineral oil into one of his bottles right?  I also noticed the older one nibbling on hay but Zee isnt ready for that yet.  There is such a huge size difference between the 2 that u would not think they were brothers

Yup, mineral oil in just one bottle that day should do it, if needed.  Kid goats like to try to nibble, but have no rumen until about 2 weeks of age so they cannot really eat it, just suck/nibble on it.  If Zee wants to suck/nibble on the hay that's okay - this starts the rumen to develop - the rumen usually develops in its own time per the kid goat's eating habits and size and health.  We would not want little Zee to really eat anything like alfalfa leaves yet as that would cause bloat, but, again, doubt he would be able to.  Re the size difference, I'm sure that momma new the difference and as goat's tend to do they shun those that probably would not make it on their own.  Little Zee sounds like he is a fighter and your assistance I'm sure is what is keeping him going, and going well.  Donna


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