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Good Morning Donna,
First of all i would like to wish u a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to u and your family & Thank u for taking care of ME & MIGI without your expertise and knowledge in goats we would be lost. With that being said Update on Migi - He is doing GREAT hes drinking, eating, peeing & pooping normal berries now however this morning i notice both sides of his tummy looks bloated it doesen't feel hard just squishy i do believe u said it is HAY BELLY he is continuing to eat his hay so i do believe he has HAY BELLY. He is drinking regular water w/AMMONIUM CHLORIDE in it and i am not giving him the POWERADE just regular water. Maybe once in awhile i'll give him his POWERADE when he seems DEHYDRATED or when he dosen't drink enough but i will just give him plain water. I will continue to keep u updated on his progress. Again Thank u very much for everything and HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!

Me & Migi

Happy Thanksgiving to you too.  I am work today.  Will have Thanksgiving dinner here at work.  Sounds great on Migi - you've done a great job - sounds like you have a good plan.  You're probably correct that he has a hay belly - perhaps he just ate too fast.  Keep me updated.  Have a great day - Donna


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