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QUESTION: Good Afternoon Donna,
U know Donna i am worried about Migis appetite even though i am not giving him his PROBIOTIC PASTE & his VITAMIN B-COMPLEX REGIMEN hes still constantly hungry and his stomach is always BLOATED & it goes down but very slowly even during the early morning hours he wants to eat! Shall i put him on a DIET? after i put him in his pen hes quiet for maybe and hour or two then he makes stomping noises to be either hungry or he wants to be let out of his pen. Then i'll give him more hay or snack foods then he'll be quiet again for another hour only to be making the stomping noises again. Then i give him again just to quiet him up then his stomach is BLOATED again. Thanks Donna!

Me & Migi

ANSWER: Sounds like he is more hungry than the hay can take care of.  Have you tried grain at all, ever? As an example, our goats receive either grass hay or compressed timothy one day and then the next they get grain and grass hay.  They don't get that much grain but it helps keep their rumens functioning well and gives their system a little extra fat to keep them from feeling hungry.  How much hay is Migi getting? Let's talk more about this - Donna

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QUESTION: Thanks Donna,
He gets more than a handful and no i haven't given him any grain the last time hes had grain was when he was a baby and even then he didn't touch it. I give him more than a handful in the morning + 3 different kinds of snack food when i lay it out for him he eats a little snack food then he goes and eats his hay then back to snack food then hay then drinks his ammonium chloride w/sweetner water i put out for him by the time hes done eating all that snack food + hay his stomach is BLOATED then hes quiet for couple of hours then gets up looking on the ground for some weeds & morsels he can find then he lays down chewing his cud for 1 or 2 hours and then he cries for somemore hay so i go down to the shed and gives him another handful of hay more than a handful i fill up the bucket to the top just to quiet him up. I repeat this throughout the night and early morning hours like non-stop eating. Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

Okay, so our goats get fed in the a.m. and not again (except for the two 6 month old ones) - for one goat that would be about one flake of hay - they eat for about 20 minutes then go away and chew cud and then come back to finish the hay in the afternoon some time, usually by morning the hay feeder is empty.  Have you tried giving him his full ration of hay all at once in the a.m. and see how he does? Let me know - Donna


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