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Update on Migi - Its been 2 days and still large dog like poop soft but not pudding like poop i'm gave MILK OF MAG once a day for 2 days b/c i don't like to give too much hes eating his snack foods and a little hay but not like before where he goes crazy for it b/c i assume he still have digestive upset from the seaweed. How often should i be giving the MILK OF MAG. Do i need to be giving him more often like so many hours apart? Or shall i just wait. At this time d with his VITAMIN B-COMPLEX? B/c i haven't been giving him b/c we talked about him eating like crazy so u told me to not give him the PROBIOTIC PASTE & the VITAMIN B-COMPLEX REGIMEN b/c it increases his appetite

ANSWER: Hi there - I would stop the milk of magnesia for a day to see if his digestive system gets better on its own.  Re the probiotics/vitamin B complex - since he is not eating well this is the time to give him this.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Thanks Donna,
Update: Migi is now pooping soft poop before was kind of firm now its soft maybe tommorrow pudding like i haven't givin him anymore Milk of Mag but i did give him his probiotics & vitamin b-complex not eating much just lying down not chewing cud. Hes drinking, peeing, fine not like Migi. Sometimes i get mad at him & myself b/c whatever i give him he eats theres not any food i give him he would shy away from thats y he gets sick and for me i get upset at myself b/c i know i'm not suppose to give him all kinds b/c of his digestive upset sensitivity tummy but sometimes i feel sorry for him b/c he eats the same ol food day in & day out & of course i wouldn't know what agree & what disagree with his tummy. Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

Thanks for the update.  Unfortunately I think Migi just has a very sensitive digestive system.  So not overdoing on anything different than his regular feed is what we need to continue for him, probably forever.  I understand your thoughts about the same food day in and day out, but that is what our goats have been on for many, many years - grass hay or timothy and then depending on what production of goat either every day or every third day grain and some bread here and there in small amounts.  I know it sounds boring to us but they are ruminants and the more basic and regular their feed intake is the better for their rumen.  Donna  


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