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Hi Donna,
Update on Migi - Migi finally pooped it was enormous berries with yellow mucus just a plop i also gave 1/3 cup Mineral Oil & a 1/3 cup of Milk of Mag i also gave him his PROBIOTICS & VITAMIN B-COMPLEX. However Donna this morning i looked at his pupils & both of his pupils is bright yellow this is really concerning me b.c it was never never like that! What could be wrong with him. As for eating hes nibbling on his hay but not much. I never took notice until today so i don't know if its suppose to be that yellow. Its like the color of a sunflower in both of his eyes. Is this normal? Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

Sorry I could not get back to you until now - I have been away from phone service and internet service.  Glad he pooped.  The yellow can be from dehydration or it can be from build up of toxins, such as if he was not pooping well and it had backed up.  If he is still running a fever I would continue with the aspirin.  If he is not drinking a lot of water on his own would be sure to orally drench him with it.  Let's see how he does by morning - I will be available then - Donna


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