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Good Evening Donna,
First sorry to sending u emails all over the place i just don't know where ur going to be from time to time. Okay anyways Update on Migi - Yesterday Migi seemed to be getting a little better however still not eating only nibbling here & there. Yesterday morning he still hadn't poop so i gave him the MINERAL OIL & MILK OF MAG we talked about & later during the day he did poop and it was berries but the berries were ENORMOUS with yellow mucus in it. then later on he pooped again & it was berries & it seemed normal berries but again the berries were ENORMOUS after that no more poop. Re - Migis eyes his pupils looked like a bright bright yellow the color of a bright sunflower plant. The weird thing is that i didn't take notice of it only when i went to give him his meds other than that yesterday he seemed to be getting a little better when i put his hay/snack food out he only show'd interest in it and nibbled on it. Also yesterday late afternoon at around 5:45 pm i don't know if our legs got tangled up i tried to move him to the side b/c he was going to pick up something to eat and the next thing i know he was on the ground & he stayed on the ground until i brought him to his feet this scared me so i crushed up 10 B-1 THIAMINE tablets & mixed with yogurt & powerade drink mix and drenched him thinking he might have POLIO. Whew what a day!!!!!!!!Please let me know what u think. Thanks Donna,

Luv ya,
Me & Migi

Thanks for the update.  The size of the first pooping would be consistent with constipation.  The yellow mucous could be from the vitamin B or the milk of magnesia.  Oxytetracycline (LA200) also can produce a yellowish color to eyes and mucous.  Are his eyes more clear this morning? Re his not getting up - that is possibly due to his not feeling well or being a little weak if he has not been eating well, or even if he is a little dehydrated.  Doubt polio, but giving him the extra thiamin is a good idea just in case his system is beginning to become thiamine deficient.  Yes, it sounds like you had quite a day.  We talked about just a regular diet for Migi long term, and I think that is going to have to become a serious regimen for him, even though it sounds boring.  I might also start him on vitamin D3 which is a powerful vitamin to help immune systems stay healthy - you can get this as gel capsules or tablets - 5,000 units a day (which is one of the dosages of one small capsule) is a dose that keeps the immune system healthy.  You can mix in water or being that it is so small see if you can pop it down his throat, or you could put a little peanut butter around it and see if he would eat it for you - just to make it easier to start him on this.  Hope this helps - Donna


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