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QUESTION: Good Morning Donna,
Update on Migi - Migi is doing alot better eating alot more hay/snack foods but limited on the snack foods, just gave him his PROBIOTICS & VITAMIN B-COMPLEX. Donna i was just wondering regarding his PROBIOTICS & VITAMIN B-COMPLEX when he gets to be 100% better can we adjust his PROBIOTIC & B-COMPLEX to instead of everyday maybe every other day or ???. Also could it be that the reason it takes longer for the LA-200 to work is b/c hes getting immune to it? Or is it just the way it works. Or should i switch to TYLAN ANTIBIOTICS. I know u said PENICILLIN is good and i wouldn't mind giving him that the only problem is how often do i need to give him i read that PENICILLIN should be given twice a day for a 5 day course is this true? Now this is where the problem is if it is a longer course like i said i don't have anyone to help me & yeah i'm pretty much managing to give him his shots all by myself by tying him up to the fence post but i just don't like longer courses if u know what i mean.
Also when i the weather got bad i use to mix up the DURAMYCIN with the VITAMIN B-COMPLEX and he was doing fine however i noticed when i stopped it he became sick. I use to give him the DURAMYCIN only when the weather got bad other than that i didn't give him so can i start him on that regimen as well when he gets better? As we speak Migi is doing much better and this morning he pooped alot! But Donna his poop now is like sometimes soft poop with no berrie form and sometimes its firm with berrie form i don't think he needs anymore MILK OF MAG i will just wait but his poop is strange. Thanks Donna please let me know what u think.

Me & Migi

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Re the penicillin - yes, I advise this - but, many folks are in your situation where they either do not like giving intramuscular injections or do not want to give injections twice a day every day for 5 days - so the LA200 works fine in those cases - not as quick of recovery, as I have said before, but it generally will work.  Use of antibiotics also causes the digestive tract not to work normally - so it also takes time for that to get back to normal.  The key thing in recovery is that the goat is eating and drinking well.  It sounds like Migi is doing just that.  Would not give anymore milk of magnesia.  Re the duramycin oral antibiotics - you could continue Migi on these anytime you want as long as you have probiotics in the mix during that time.  He could have not only a sensitive digestive system but also a decreased immune system and that is why he gets ill more often.  Starting him on vitamin D3 daily or every other day could help increase his immune system strength.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Thanks Donna,
Update: U know Donna Migi seems to be ok not quite 100% but do i still need to give him his last shot as far as his PNEUMONIA goes he seems fine drinking, eating, peeing & pooping. The only thing that seems to bother me is that his poop is not quite pellets it is still soft/medium sometime with berrie look to it. I mean maybe i should give him his last shot just to be on the safe side. I just don't want him to get a relapse. What do u think i can't remember the last time i gave him his shot for PNEUMONIA was for 2 doses or 3 doses b/c he is a small goat maybe 2 doses might work. I not sure though like i said maybe another one just to be safe. LOL! u must know i'm dreading it thats why. I just need to give him his PROBIOTICS & VITAMIN B-COMPLEX daily to get his RUMEN going. However i will do it if u say yes. Also Donna so far i've been giving him 5 instead of 1 of VITAMIN D3 at 10000IU like u said for his decreasing immune system do i still continue with the 5 tablets of the VITAMIN D3? Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

As I said before, the change in poop can be from the antibiotics.  If he seems almost back to normal you could stop the injectable antibiotics.  I might advise continuing with oral antibiotics whenever the weather changes or you see a slight change in his behavior - just for 3 days of therapy - and see how he does then.  Also, would advise giving the D3 at least once a week possibly for ever or perhaps once every 2 weeks - just to give his immune system the extra help it looks like it needs.  Hope this helps - Donna


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