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Goats/release of afterbirth


QUESTION: My goat had kids yesterday morning bout 6am. She still has not released her afterbirth. Anything I need to be concerned about or give her more time.

ANSWER: So, her afterbirth is still dragging outside of her? Or do you not see any afterbirth?  Are you sure she did not eat it when you were not around?  Normally does will drop their afterbirth/placental tissues within 12 hours of kidding.  Retaining these tissues can cause infection.  Is she otherwise eating and drinking well?  Are the kids well?  If you are sure she has not dropped her afterbirth tissues you could have a veterinarian provide you with an injection of something like Oxytocin or Pitocin to help with this.  Pulsatilla, a homeopathic remedy, can also help her hormones strengthen up so they drop the placental tissues.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: The afterbirth is still hanging. She is eating and drinking. Actually lost one baby this morning. Other is fair.

You can cut the hanging afterbirth so it does not trip her or interfere with the kid goat drinking as at this point the blood vessels should be dried up/stopped flowing.  Losing a kid this a.m. could indicate she has an infection and as such the kids have an infection - starting all on penicillin will help to cover for that - 3 cc/100 pounds for adult goats twice a day and for kid goats 1/2 cc twice a day - generally 2 days for the kids and 5 days for the adult - intramuscular injection is best but you can give subcutaneously if you are more comfortable with that.  Also, if the doe did not receive selenium/vitamin D and E four weeks prior to kidding her muscles might not be strong enough to detach the placental tissues - also, selenium deficiency in kids can cause them to become ill and or weak enough they do not survive.  Let me know - give me a call too if you'd like - Donna 360-742-8310

I am head to work now but will look for further e-mails from you during the day or your phone calls.  


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