Hi. My sannaan goat Lola is pretty much always scouring to some degree and looks skinny and wormy but i have had worm count done and she is fine. She is otherwise happy, seemingly healthy and bright and has good appetite. She gets minerals and is on hay and tethered during the day for few hours only as if she eats too much it gets worse. I have tried everything i can think of to no avail - slippery elm, vit c, dolomite dont seem to help. Diet of hay and nothing else is all that seems to help but she gets alot thinner despite scouring easing.
- I have had blood tests and visit to vet etc but nothing seems to be wrong with her. Lola was ill when i got her with something that i think may have damaged her gut/rumen?
Any ideas of anything else i can try?

Has she been tested for Johne's disease? It can cause chronic diarrhea, and you could eventually expect wasting with it. It is also transmissible. According to sheep and goat medicine, there are many possible causes. Even copper deficiency is implicated. I would give some vitamin B injections, some copper. Is there any plant she might be getting when tied out? And is the diarrhea foul smelling ? Another possibility would be a bacterial infection, which could be treated with Terramycin or sulfadimethoxine. Also, woody plants also help get the rumen working properly.


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