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Goats/sheep with kidney stones


To whom it may concern,
  We have a Hampshire wether sheep. He is 130lbs. 7 months.
We want to drench him for kidney stones. I am unsure of the dosage of ammonium chloride and water I should mix. Can you tell me how much water for how much ammonium chloride I should use?
         Thank you so much, Carole

I take it he is not urinating at all?  Is he humping up and tries to pee but nothing? Ammonium chloride is only a preventative therapy not a cure.  Use of concentrated lemon juice as an oral drench at 1 cup per 75 pounds of body weight every 2 hours for two doses, then waiting 4 hours and then re dosing for two more doses.  Use of potassium citrate (most health food stores have this - over the counter) using four tablets crushed and mixed into the lemon juice each time you give the lemon juice will also help to eat away at the stones.   Repeat this process again tomorrow.  You hopefully will see a dribble of urine by morning.  What feed has he been on?  Anything with a calcium to phosphorus ration that is not at least 2:1 and best is 3:1 as well as feeding alfalfa will cause urinary calculi/stones.  Is he eating at all for you or drinking?  This may also be a urinary tract infection - especially if you see blood in the urine or he is grinding his teeth.  What is his temperature?  If over 102.5 which would be a fever, then an infection might be causing the symptoms.  Hope this helps - Donna

PS The ammonium chloride functions to keep the stones from getting bigger as a preventative to occlusion - once he is starting to urinate again I would advise starting him on a regular regimen of ammonium chloride at one tablespoon of the salt mixed in water or other liquid he will take orally (as a drench) at least once a week to keep his tract clear.  


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