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Hi Donna , as you know i have had a bit of trouble with these calfs i bought . I lost one and looks like another will die shortly . I'VE done all i can do , he was down yesterday and i gave him a shot of peng which by last evening had him up dancing circles around the other one , took his food well and probiotics . The reason i injected him in the first place is he had a bad cough and major snot , very thick . This same bug is running through my goats but they seem to be fighting it on thier own with no shut down of food , just coughs and snot . The calf is not going to make it , i'm sure , but i do have a concern as he has some involentary twiching . I'm thinking this is because he problely has pneumonia and is starved for oxegen . He is quarentined but never seen the twiching before on any thing . He was really good last night like i say up and lively . Question , Is there something else here i should be concerned about or is it just that he is close to the end ? O i did repeat the pen last night at 6cc and again this morning , and did check for blood , there was none . Thanks

What is his temperature?  The twitching sometimes is from a high fever.  If he has a fever (over 102.5) then would start on a high dose of aspirin at two 325 mg aspirins and then the next 4 hours would drop to one aspirin until the fever is gone.  It is possible that the calves caught shipping fever/pneumonia from the stress of travel and generally penicillin works the best, although it is possible that they have a fungal pneumonia which would then respond better to oxytetracycline injectable.  Hope this helps.  Donna


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