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QUESTION: Our vet can't come out fore several more hours, so I'm seeking help, desperately.
I have a 9 month old nubian buckling, found him this morning laying down and didn't get up when I came in like usual. I had to help him up and even then he needed help with standing. Gave BoSe shot, took temp and is low 94.2 . As day went on he started slowing walking around on his own and stood for a long time, but once he falls down cant get up on his own. We did a fecal a week or two ago and he's been dewormed with Ivomec sheep drench.
His symptoms:
- Low body temp
- just stopped eating
- arched back
- rear legs seem weak
- frequent urination, every time we get him up
- slight nasal and eye discharge
- just seems "dopey" acting
- not drinking

I don't know how long he's been w/out water since he wont drink (thinking since yesterday).

Should I tube him with electrolytes? We have him blanketed and heat lamp on him, hoping that will bring his temp up.
I do have white tail in my area and had a high overload of slugs as well this year. We were thinking of starting the treatment of the safeguard. Will that hurt him any, dosing him that amount, if he doesn't have it?

ANSWER: A low temp of 94.2 indicates his functions are diminishing - you need to warm him up immediately - heat lamp/sweatshirt/ in the house in a kennel.  Orally drenching him - he still should be able to swallow and unless you have experience with stomach tubing it may make things worse - let me know about that.  Keeping his head straight and tilted a bit while orally drenching slowly will allow him to swallow.   Heat up human or livestock electrolytes to warm and give orally.  Is he up to date on his CDT vaccination?  Is he pooping?  Would start immediately on penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight intramuscularly now and keep up twice a day for 5 days.  Would also give probiotics orally (once you start antibiotics he needs these to keep his rumen functioning.  Would also start him on vitamin B complex (has thiamin in it) to keep him from coming down with polio secondary to not eating.  Glad he is peeing. The arched back is from his low body temp.  Would definitely get him in someplace warm - dog crate/kennel in the house or garage with a heat lamp on him - whatever is working - sounds like you have started the heat up process.  What color are his lower inner eyelids?  If white to very light pink then we are also dealing with anemia.  There are several deer illnesses that could also be causing problems.  Would like to know if he has been pooping and what the poop looks like.  Does he have a pasture that might contain poisonous plants or mushrooms?  Any new food/grain that he is on before this started?  Would not give any wormer at this moment until I know more about his condition re above questions.  Let me know - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for helping! He hasn't pooped all day, I was going to ask could he be constipated? I gave him probiotics and B complex already. His eyelids looked good. I bought him in July and she said he was utd on his CDT, should I give him a booster anyways? He hasn't been on pasture for about a month and a half now. We've been feeding him hay and Blue seal meat goat pellets, nothing in his daily feedings has changed any. We just had him standing up about 5 mins ago (we've been doing this every 30mins) can stand on his own for a couple mins, but very wobbly back legs and they give out on him over time.

Thanks for the update.  Very nice you started him on the probiotics and B complex - would keep that up until he is back to normal.  Would go ahead and update on his CDT toxoid - 2 cc.  Are your other goats on the pellets too?  Do the pellets look and smell good - no mold or moldy smell? Would start the penicillin to cover for pneumonia - have you given intramuscular injections before? Would also start him on some mineral oil - 1/4 cup per 50 to 75 pounds body weight every 2 hours for two doses and then wait for 4 hours, if no poop yet repeat the two doses.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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