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Goats/small bumps on udder & possible mastitis


I have 2 questions about the same 5 yr old alpine doe. Yesterday she had several small pimple sized bumps on one teat. They are hard, don't seem to be pussy, are the same color as the surrounding skin,& aren't painful. One might have a very small white dot in the center--or I may be imagining that. They look exactly the same today. I've searched the internet & the closest cause I can find is staph infection. My vet didn't return my call & now the office is closed until Friday.
This same goat had mastitis in the other teat 3 months ago. I treated her with "today" and 2 rounds of the antibiotic excenel per the vet's instructions. After treatment, there was still a slight thickening reaction with the CMT test but the vet brushed off my concerns and was confident that the mastitis was cleared up because of the treatment. So since then i have thrown out the milk from that side. She shows no other sign of mastitis and that side has continued to give more milk than the other (she gives about a gal/day). The milk still tests positive with the CMT.
Otherwise she appears to be in good health: good appetite, shiny coat, alert, etc. She is bred now and I'm thinking of drying her off but would like to clear up these issues first. Thank you for volunteering your time to answer goat questions! It's so encouraging to have someone to turn to! Thanks again, Cathy

Re the mastitis - it sounds like she has a subacute chronic mastitis that will cause the positive CMT testing.  For mastitis I recommend use of penicillin injectable - feed store available - 3 cc/100 pounds twice a day for 7 to 10 days - this generally kills even the resistant mastitis causing bacteria.  Treatment with the Today or Tomorrow cow product also is an added benefit and that antibiotic does not interfere with the penicillin.  

Some questions for you.  Any new bedding that she has been on recently?  Any change in food?  Does she have pasture or browse/brush that she uses?  

Generally with a Staph infection you will see raised, red pustules with definite white tops - this is where the pus is.  This could be just an allergic reaction to something external.  I might start treatment with Children's Benadryl using the weight dosing on the label - use for 2 days and see how the bumps are.  You could also use some tea tree oil to the area to help with inflammation and itching.  If in 2 days the bumps are more intense and more pustules are seen and perhaps even itching is occurring then treatment with penicillin injectable for 5 days would be advised for a possible skin infection/possible Staph infection.  

Sounds like otherwise she is in great health.  Penicillin will not hurt the fetuses.  Benadryl also should not cause issues with the fetuses, although you may see her acting sleepy while on this medication - I usually only use for one day or two days to test for possible allergic reaction theory.  If you do decide to start the penicillin would also advise use of probiotics during that time period to keep her rumen functioning well and healthy.   Hope this helps - let me know - thanks - Donna


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