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Hi. I have a six month old male nubian goat that has a swollen front knee joint and his ligament looks tight. He was down for several days prior to this occuring because he had tapeworms. He is fine now as far as that and is eating well and gaining weight back. He wont stand for very long because he is in obvious pain with the leg. He scoots around on his front elbows and his back end in the air. I put some linament on his leg and wrapped with the wrap that is used on horses but i dont know what else to do. Do you have any ideas?

Could he have injured the leg at all? You should talk to your vet and get some banamine for the inflammation and pain. Then you will have better luck encouraging him to walk. If you don't have a relationship with a vet who will prescribe, or cannot go to a vet, you can give aspirin. Give him a regular aspirin twice a day, with food. Good luck.


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