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Goats/udder in a kid.


Hi again ..for some reason i couldnt use follow up for your last response about my 2 week old kid with an udder. You said you had one also last year and udder etc normal now ..did udder just go or did it go when she was mated? (have just read this is the case).
Also her mother will sometimes come at me like she is going to butt me , and cant be trusted at all with other people..rears up and can butt people - is there a good way to deal with this? ( i will push her down onto the ground for a few seconds , but it doesnt seem to stop her from trying - and she is big so its not easy either!) Thanks!

The precocious udder went away within a year, without breeding.

I would get a spray bottle and spray her anytime she tries to butt. You can also do positive reinforcement with a clicker and some peanuts. Raising goats for dummies has a section on that.

Good luck with the meanie.


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