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QUESTION: ok, so my baby goat is now 7 days old. And let me tell you I have been worried about him pretty much the whole time. Anyway we have been battling scours. He is now on DOE REPLACEMENT MILK, that I got at the local co-op and I have givin him pepto and he has been on electrolytes also. He seems to be fine 1 day, playing eating acting well. But then just like that it can turn and go back to, no energy not wanting bottle, and early stages of scours? Today has started off that way, no bottle, no energy, and signs of blood in his poop (scours). And yesterday he was fine, played the most he has since we have had him. What is going on with my little boy???? I'm trying so hard to get him healthy and keep him there! Don't wanna loose him!! Advice?? Thanks, Carla

ANSWER: Hi there - so, yellow diarrhea is enterotoxemia, green is coccidiosis, white/cream color is E. coli and brown to blackish is digestive upset or bacterial caused.  What color does he have?  The blood is not good as it means something inside the digestive tract is being eaten away by something.  Was his doe up to date on her CDT vaccination booster 4 weeks prior to kidding?  What is his temperature currently? Is he out playing with other kid goats?  Let me know and I can give you the general remedies for the above diarrhea color.  Donna

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QUESTION: diarrhea has been mostly yellow, simialar to snot. But this morning he did poop once that was darker brown/yellow and that had the blood in it. I dont know about his mom, got him from a lady cause his mom regected him? He is not out playing, we have him inside he is the only goat we have. I very worried, and dont understand how he can be perfectly fine (Or seem to be) and then "bam" back to weak, scours, and not wanting bottle???? Thanks, Carla

Kid goats of 3 to 5 days of age usually have a yellowish brown soft poop that is cleaning their systems out but no blood should be seen with this.  Sounds like he has enterotoxemia - this is caused by the Clostridium type C and D bacteria and whenever stress occurs the bacteria grow rapidly and cause a toxin to be released - if he is not taking his bottle he could have pneumonia along with this - any stress can cause this to come on too - would start him on CDT toxoid vaccination (anti-toxin is better but doubt anyone carries it, even the vets - on the internet - but I have found that the toxoid can work but must be given over a period of a few days.  The toxoid is available at most feed stores.  1/2 cc as soon as you can then 2 hours later 1/2 cc again and 4 hours later 1/2 cc again.  Along with this (and this also helps with possible pneumonia) is an oral antibiotic called Sulmet - most feed stores carry this - it is a liquid and it would be 1.5 cc twice a day for 5 days - I usually mix this with a little apple juice or flavored pedialyte as Sulmet tastes terrible.  Along with these would also be giving vitamin B complex - 1/2 tablet crushed and mixed in a little hot water/dissolved and given orally once a day.  Also would give probiotics - you can use human yogurt - 1/2 teaspoon mixed with the B complex if you'd like.  I would also advise orally drenching him (if he will not drink it) with electrolytes - pedialyte type works well - perhaps an ounce or two every few hours at least.  Would use milk of magnesia which helps coat the digestive tract but also kicks things out of the kid goat's system - use 1/2 teaspoon twice a day for one day - and yes, this may cause more diarrhea, but hopefully once this cleans things out no more blood will be seen - then would go to the pepto again at 1/2 teaspoon twice a day for one or two days until the diarrhea stops.  Would check his temperature - if he is running a fever - over 102.5 F - then he can half of an 81 mg human low dose aspirin - crushed and dissolved in hot water - every four hours - usually just two doses are needed to bring a fever down.   

Kid goats are notorious for getting ill easily - unfortunately - hope all the above helps - keep me posted if you have time - please also feel free to call me at 360-742-8310 if you need emergent help - I'm at work from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and sometimes cannot get to my laptop quickly.  Donna  


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