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Hi Donna. Spoke to you yesterday evening about another one of my little babies I found in feed trough out in barn.  After talking to u, I gave Sellinium, warm colostrum ( about 2 oz) and some sulmet and karo.  Within 1 hr her temp was back to norm and running around like wild child.  So I decided to take her back out while temps were decent here in WV.  She ran right to momma and nursed and played.  I put the 2 in a separate pen for now so that I could check her thru out the night. About 2 am I went out and checked on her and offered her bottle. She drank about 1 oz. ( which before u could not even get her to look at the bottle before getting ill)  This afternoon she took about 3 oz coclstrum with no hesitation. I did check mom and she has milk. Teets feel norm also. DO not know what actually is going on there but would u continue to give her some milk?  Also momma isnt acting 100 % right. Cant put my finger on it yet. She ate her grain like crazy but just nibbles at her hay.  What do u think?

Thanks for the update.  Glad the little one is doing better.  I would continue with Sulmet for another 3 days at least - if you see her drinking from mom and she seems better (I might still bring her in at night if weather is very cold just in case - at least for one night) you could just let her be with mom for food.  Mom could have the start of a pneumonia or bronchitis and you could start her on oral Sulmet or even start on injectable antibiotics.  Does the mom look bloated at all?  Is she peeing and pooping okay?  If I see a goat that does not look 100% I start with antibiotics - oral or injectable - and add probiotics, and if not eating add vitamin B complex - just to cover for anything.  Hope this helps - Donna


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