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QUESTION: Its me again.  I know it seems like I have had 1 problem after another and at this point Im feeling the same way!! Ready to sell em all!!!  On a good note, I have had 5 babies and only lost one. ( The little girl I was having probs w/ a few weeks ago)  I really dont think she was getting enough to eat and I should have stepped in but wasnt sure.  

Anyway here we go again!! I have a little guy ( Gomer) He is 5 weeks old.  Doing wondrful on mom as well as his sister.  She protects them and nurses them to no end.  Was outside yesterday and watched them play in the snow and run around normal.  Went out last night to feed Zee and found Gomer curled up at mom's head stiff and moaning.  I ran him to house and went thru everything that u and I have done in past.  Took temp but thermometer wasnt working but trust me he was coldddd!!!  Started warming him up on vent and hairdryer,  gave him warm cocstrum w/ syringe tip ( his mouth was too cold to suckle)  Gave him sellinium and also kyro!! As of morning he tries to hold head up but still very weak. Im manging to get 5 to 10 ml in him of colostrum every couple hrs. He is trying to nurse but still not.  I gave him cd&t , and also sulmet.  I have also given him Pennicillian just in case.  He tries to stand but legs are not working well. They are wanting to stiffen up. No hot or warm joints!!!  Just waiting to see what happens. Did I miss anything to do??

Also Zee is doing wonderful!!! Rides on my little calfs back and hanging out at the hay feeder more and more every day!!!

ANSWER: No worries about questions - kids can be a handful sometimes - re this little guy - could be a pneumonia or enterotoxemia.  Would choose either Sulmet at 3 cc/15 pounds body weight twice a day orally or penicillin at 1/2 cc twice a day but not both as they will cancel each other out.  Either one for 3 days time at least.  Karo is fine.  Selenium with vitamin E and D now and again tomorrow.  CDT is excellent.  More colostrum would help - he really needs 8 ounces every two hours at least to survive.  Know that may be difficult - you can either stomach tube or you can use small aquarium tubing about 4 inches in length put tightly on the end of a 6 or 12 cc syringe and use the tubing to put over the tongue - keeping the kid upright and head tilted up just a bit will allow the fluid to flow into the esophagus and not into the lungs.  Keeping warm is good too.  Stiffening up can just be not being warm enough or an infection.  Keep me posted - I am in an area today that has in and out wifi availability to may not be able to get back to you by e-mail but I have my phone on so please feel free to call me - 360-742-8310.  Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Gonna attempt another bottle and will let u know how it goes. I submerged him for a bit earlier but still only got his temp to 95. I am having no luck w/ that. I put him in my bathroom that stays extremely warm and blasted the heat. I will see how that is doing also.  He was pooping an awful lot earlier. Pellets but very hard, then they seemed to have gotten softer. But now after I gave a coffee mixture and Kyro he pooped a huge clump of hard poop and now soft piles follow. Alot.  Looks more like a cow bowell movement.  Will check in again shortly!

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  The hard pellets could mean dehydration or constipation - you can add a little mineral oil - 1 ml today to be sure he is not constipated and that little amount will not hurt him (this is regular human type mineral oil or if you cannot find that milk of magnesia works well too).  Getting his internal temp up is the important thing - items you are doing should help - putting a little shirt on him may also help.  Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: After a hot tea mixture and several poops later, he was up and walking and screaming for momma. I decided to try him on her so took him to barn and separated them. I had to hold her but he got a few good sucks.  It looks like the one teat isnt producing as much as other.  I brought the baby back inside because it is in the teens here. DO I keep trying him on her?   He will not take bottle.  How often do I let him nurse her?  DO I keep trying bottle?

Thanks for the update.  Sounds like he is getting back to normal.  I would really keep him inside with you with the temps the way they are and keep him out of harms way.  I would work on getting him on a bottle - it certainly may take a bit of time to get him to take a bottle but usually they will, I put them in between my legs with their head facing out and with one hand open the mouth and the other hand put the nipple in their mouth then use a hand to go around their muzzle gently to keep them from spitting the nipple out - they usually do come around to taking the bottle for you.  Worst case of course would be to allow him to suck on his mom but he would need feeding every 2 hours at least throughout the day.  Do hope this helps - Donna


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