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QUESTION: Ok Here is the update...
The little boy ( Gomer) has nursed mom 3 times now for about 5 minutes. No idea how much he is getting but I know she doesnt have much.  He is eating a bit of grain and drinking some warm water. Not to much on the bottles though. He refuses to even attempt. I have been keeping things in him thru a syringe the best I know how. He is now scouring though pretty bad. It must be due to the Kyro and maybe from changing his diet. I gave him another dose of sulmet. The poop is dark brown/ black but he is really making a mess at this point. Also, how much grain can I give him?

Now his sister is in the house also. I went out to let Gomer nurse tonight and found her in the same condition. Maybe not as bad as he was last night. Mom just isnt producing much milk and when I hold her so they nurse she screams like they are killing her. Her teats are not hot to touch. I have her in the hot room warming up and will continue to do the same thing.  What do u think?  What to do about the scours?

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Kid goats should not get any grain, especially adult goat grain, until they are at least 6 to 8 weeks of age - we start them on a calf manna type grain.  Brown to black diarrhea is either digestive upset or a bacterial diarrhea.  Would continue the Sulmet along with probiotics.  You can give him peptobismol at 1 teaspoon every 2 hours for 3 to 4 doses to help the diarrhea stop.  Sounds like you have two bottle kids.  Know it may be frustrating but getting the nipple into the kid goat's mouth and keeping the mouth closed gently around it and holding the kid so it cannot wiggle out, and then pulling and pushing the nipple to make the kid feel like sucking along with squeezing a little milk usually helps the kid get the idea to take a bottle.  I usually try every 30  minutes for 2 hours then let the kid go for 2 hours, then by the second round of trying the bottle, the kid begins to get the idea.  Do hope this helps.  If the scours turn to yellow it is enterotoxemia, if they turn white to cream in color it is E. coli, and if they turn green it is coccidiosis.  Keep me posted, and please don't hesitate to call anytime - Donna

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QUESTION: Wanted to let you know that we lost the little boy last night. his scours got way out of control even though he was up and moving, then a turn for worse. we do now have his sister in the house but she is mimicing what he eep did.trying to cover all basis and keep the fluids in her but she absolutely refuses to drink from anything.  She did nibble on calf manna this morning but just a peice. She keeps chewing on something but when I look there is nothing in there.  I will keep u posted

The chewing can be from pain - a pneumonia - would start her on penicillin for that, or it could be enterotoxemia, even though no yellow diarrhea - causes toxins in the rumen and pain.  Penicillin helps with that along with CDT antitoxin if you had it - but if not (on internet only) would give CDT now at 1/2 cc then again in 2 hours and 4 hours then tomorrow again for three doses.  Also vitamin D3 5000 unit oil twice a day.  Again, getting her to drink or getting more milk/colostrum down her is high priority.  Sorry for the loss, know it is hard - hang in there - let me know - Donna


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