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Hello Donna. It is once again me giving an update on Zee. It seems as though as soon as u get over one hurdle then u have another. He has been out playing all morning w/ others and is very energetic. I raised his milk intake to 4 1/2 ounces yesterday and he has no problem w/ that. I did notice however that his poop is now a really dark green looking ( almost black) but thick like also. In the past you said green was bad but not sure what shade.  SHould I be worried again?

Thanks for the update.  Green diarrhea, that is runny and smells quite horrid, points to coccidiosis which they pick up from the pasture/grasses they are running around in - everyone in the world has coccidia in their pastures/grasses. This is usually a bright to evergren color green.  It is possible this is just his digestive system maturing and over the next day or so he will start producing little pellets dark brown to black in color  - are the other kids producing pellets yet? Usually with coccidiosis is you see the thin green diarrhea as the first symptom and even if you see it at that point you can still medicate them with Sulmet liquid (most farm stores have this) given orally generally kills the coccidia.  It sounds like the little guy is doing great.  Some kid goats just have a more difficult time in the first stages of life than others, and that's where our worrying comes in handy.  Glad he is taking more milk.  Hope this helps - keep me posted - Donna


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