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QUESTION: I know u probably havent seen the first message about Zee but I found him stiff this morning so brought in house forced 3 oz into him after about 15 min. he was trying to get up on his legs and then finally did so. He is acting normal to me but is still on the house until I hear back. So far in the last 3 hrs he has been in here i have seen no signs of pee or poop. I did however cut back the last 2 days on feedings in hope he was nursing mom a bit. My thought s about that have changed but even if I go back to feeding 4hrs. apart what can we do about legs doing that?  Dont know if he was hungry and cold and froze or if it is goat ill i read about.

ANSWER: I certainly would cover for joint ill and then just keep him in the house, especially as it could be his system cannot handle the cold.  Did we talk about selenium deficiency?  If not he could be deficient - one 200 mcg selenium tablet crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, and add half the oil from a 1000 IU vitamin E capsule and half the oil from an 800 IU vitamin D capsule, mix, cool and give orally now and then again in 2 days.  Let me know.

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QUESTION: just checked temp and it is 96.8.  Has been peeing all over but no poop  he runs all over the place but the minute i put him in the cage he humps up and stands really still

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Sounds like this could be constipation with the low body temp.  Would give him 2 to 3 cc  of mineral oil now and again in 2 hours and then see if he starts pooping.  Would keep in the house/warm place - kid goats do very well as a single despite what other people say.  Are his leg joints warm to the touch at all or swollen looking?  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: As soon as Im done w/ breakfast I will do the  mineral oil. I did give him an enema of warm soapy water about hr ago and he did poop just a little orangish brown poop. Not a lot but It was very soft so would u still think constipation?  His joints are not hot and do not look swoolen at all. What else would cause him to stiffen up like that if not joint ill?

It is possible the constipation is closer to the rectum so an enema would help - I use infant enemas but the warm soapy water is okay too.  It is possible he still has the joint ill - as it starts out with stiff legs.  The other reason could be the selenium deficiency.  Donna


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