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Last year, she threw 2 runts, when bred by a big Boer.  This year, I have put in with a milk breed billy.  Do you think this will help ? What makes some of the babies runts ?

Thanks for your help and advice.


When you say runts do you mean they were sickly, or just small, or did not grow well, or? The size of the kids is generally the bucks issue.  If she did not take those kids last year to full 155 or more days then that could be her issue - not enough protein in the diet, selenium deficiency, illness, low lumbar score.  As to bucks, big does not always indicate they will give large kids - we had a beautiful 300 pound Oberhasli buck and he always threw 4 to 5 pound kids, no larger than that ever - but they were healthy so no worries with that.  One of our bucks is a small 175 pound Oberhasli and he throws huge kids - 7 to 11 pounds.  Hope this helps - let me know about my questions - thanks - Donna


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