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Doe was in labor all day & clear (no head,no hooves) walnut sized bubble showed all day. Gone next day but 3 inch string of redish mucus showing next morning. Can find no evidence of any delivery. Watched her off & on all day & night. Neber saw any progression

She seems fine
Pert , eating, grazing
Should I give any meds? What treatment, if any?  
Could she still be pregnant?

Do you know how far along she would have been? Is this her first pregnancy? It is possible it is a cloudburst/false pregnancy.  She could also truly be aborting still.  Can you feel anything that feels like a kid in her abdomen? Are her pelvic ligaments gone?   With the "bubble" showing that generally always indicates kidding is in progress. What is her current temperature? Let me know about the answers to my questions if you could and I will try to give you more specific answers to your questions - thanks - Donna


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