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Dear Sir,
I am from Karnataka, India (Bijapur near to solapur), I owned a 17 acres land,where i want start Gaot farm, I need the detail about foddar, what to grow, wen to grow, wen to cut different kind of grass, how much land required for each different grass and how to maintain that throuh out a year specially for 50 Goats.

I would be happy to give you information about what specific fodder/grasses is good for goats and about how much you would need to sustain about 50 goats but the specific information about when to grow, when to cut (except of course to cut always before the sun comes up to keep the nutrients in the stems), how much land would be required would be best given by a true agricultural expert who knows your soil and climate and water availability in the area.  Have you ever contacted a company called  LifeLines Agriculture - found on  website.  They might be able to give you specific growing information.  

I will send you a followup answer with information concerning types of fodder and grasses that are nutritious for goats and how much they would need for sustainability of their production.  I do hope this helps - Donna

Hello - I wanted to follow up with you re your question about fodder and the types and amounts needed for goats.  I am in hopes you have found information through the LifeLines Agriculture site.  If not, please do let me know and I will search further for you.  I wanted to give you estimates as to how much goats would need - the amounts of course would differ a bit during different productions of the goats - as an example, a dry doe would need 3% of her body weight in feed a day, whereas a doe in milk would need 5% of her body weight in feed a day.  As an example, a 100 pound dry doe would need 3 pounds of forage/fodder a day just for maintenance, and that would increase as she was growing or changing production such as becoming pregnant.  A general nutrition formula is taking between 3 and 5 percent of a goat's body weight to find the pounds of feed needed.  This is a baseline type of calculation and certain goats need a little more, such as 6% of their body weight, whereas other goats may not need more than 2% of their body weight in feed to keep their good body condition or to grow or produce the things you need from it. I do hope this helps - Donna


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