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Ok, so I have an older pygmy who has had numerous kids. I use to have a male, but when he died I just bought a young pygmy for my daughter to show. So, apparently this summer at the fair which would have been July 26th - 29th, she may have escaped. Now, I know that the odds of 1. she was in heat and 2. she actually found a male are slim, but in October she bagged up like no other and was so heavy with milk. Of course, I knew it was too early, but then questioned if she was pregnant or if it was a false pregnancy. So today would be 140 days from the first day of the fair so I did mark my calendar to just keep an eye on her. She is unusually fat, but whatever milk she had is now gone. Would the bagging up and then losing it be normal for maybe a first time pregnancy? Should I go with the assumption that maybe all this did happen or that she had a false pregnancy and that is why the milk dried up? Thanks, Kelly

I would suspect a false pregnancy or precocious udder. It is not normal to bag up and lose the milk before kidding. It was too early to bag up if she got pregnant at the end of July. However, I think you are wise to be alert to kidding within the dates, just in case You should be able to feel kid movement if she is pregnant ( although I know some people have mistaken rumen movement as kids.) you will have a definite answer in 10 days.


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