QUESTION: my goat has lumps in her teets. we gave antibiotic for 4 days with no change. dosn't seem tender.

ANSWER: It may not be mastitis. Where are the lumps located? Try massage with a peppermint oil lotion.

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QUESTION: in the middle of one teet and a few in between the two teets. no sensetivity at all. ill do the oil.

Try that for a week or so. If you see no change, let me know and I will do some further investigating. Goat Health Care has a home remedy for this, but it seems a bit extreme to me, so I recommend that you try a simpler alternative first. Also if you have a California Masitis Test, I recommend that you test for mastitis just in case, (This is well-worth having on hand, in any event.)   Sometimes that bacteria do not respond to a certain antibiotic. But you do want to rule out mastitis, anyway.


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