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Good Morning Donna,
Update on Migi - U know Donna Migi dosen't look good today he looks a bit under the weather meaning he ate his snack foods/hay today all of it but when i gave him more hay he just smelled it and didn't want to eat. His belly looks bloated but squishy soft on both sides he looks depressed and lies down. I wonder what could be wrong with him not chewing his cud. We've been having hot, drizzling rain on/off sunny periods at times i hope hes not getting his PNEUMONIA RELAPSE. I gave a little of strawberry fruit roll as a snack. So far hes peeing, drinking, pooping normal berries so i don't know what could be wrong this time, Thanks Donna!

Me & Migi

When you say a little strawberry roll, how much exactly?  That type of snack can easily sit in the rumen and cause upset - I would stay away from anything overly sweet, sticky, etc.  Would give him some milk of magnesia if he is not looking better within about 4 hours or so.  Hope that helps.  


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