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Hi Donna,
Merry Christmas! Donna u know we've been having terrible weather although its not raining the past 2 weeks we've been having very very very windy condition here & although it dosen't get cold like you're having there it does get cold here at night its very hot & sunny during the day but gets very cold and windy at night & most of the time Migi dosen't want to go into his pen so i let him out in the windy & cold and he stays in one area until hes ready to come inside. Yesterday hes been eating his snack/food & hay all-day but this morning he ate very little snack/food & quite a bit of hay. but he looks very depress and stands in one area. I wonder if it has to do with the weather. Also i gave him MILK OF MAGNESIA last night b/c his poop was starting to get clumpy b/c i gave him some peanut butter wafer cookies. Also my grandnephew came over and he filled some balloons with water and popped them and i told him to pick up the broken pieces & u know i told him b/c Migi will find them. Sure enough yesterday he was chewing & chewing & i said what do u have in your mouth and i opened his mouth and swished my hand around his mouth without trying to get bite and a piece of green colored balloon dropped out of his mouth & i don't know if he had consume more than that piece. Geez its the holidays and the last thing i need is for him to be sick again. I took his temp this morning it was 101.2 but that was about 2 hours ago. He did eat his snack/food + more than 2 flakes of hay and some water but not chewing his cud i'm concerned b/c he only stands in one area looking depress. I wonder whats wrong. Thanks Donna!

Me & Migi

Hi there - the weather really can make goats depressed or less active - a few pieces of balloon usually would not bother a goat, but Migi has such a delicate digestive system that I think anything out of the ordinary can cause upset.  The 101.2 is fine.  Glad he is eating.  Might give him some probiotics - just one mix now and then give his system a chance to get back to normal.  Hope that works.  Let me know - Donna


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