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Merry Christmas Donna,
Sorry to keep bothering u just an update on Migi - Migi just pooped and his poop is now soft plop i think this might be due to the safeguard wormer i gave yesterday i'm just watching him and making sure he is not in any discomfort i let him off his runner but he looks sick and just standing in one area. I feel bad b/c i can't really do anything to help him but just watch him. hes not eating at all but i do believe its DIGESTIVE UPSET i was thinking of giving him some PEPTO BISMOL but maybe its just best to let his poop run its course like u said. I just don't want him to be feeling any pain or discomfort otherwise i'm okay with watching him over the next few hours. Thanks Donna!

Me & Migi

You had said he was eating a little hay, so he is really not eating anything now, correct? You could give him some pepto bismol just to help calm his rumen, that's okay.  Would give him probiotics too and vitamin B complex if he is not eating at all.  Let me know - Donna


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