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Update on Migi - Donna Migi is doing fine eating, drinking, peeing & pooping normal berries howwever i notice last night Migi as restless all night didn't want to stay in his pen wanted to stay out all night outside he kept shaking his head back & forth & scratching like its itchy so i'm thinking could he have mites or fleas or ticks in his ear? b/c everything seems normal hes eating well. so what i did was i put some PYTHON DUST in his ears & all over his body brushed the dust into his hair & distributed all over his body. Can goats get EAR INFECTIONS? Just bought a new bale of HAY today so i will check to see if the HAY is okay. I haven't broken the bale yet i alays check to see if the HAY is good & not moldy or spoiled. Thanks Donna.

Me & Migi

ANSWER: Goats can get ear infections but this is probably ear mites - would not use Python dust in the ears, around okay but not in.  Would use either mineral oil or cat ear mite medicine - place into ear (about 2 teaspoons of the mineral oil) into each ear, pinch ear closed and gently massage it, then let him shake his head.  Would repeat in 2 days.  Then 2 days later you could try to clean out the ears using paper towels or tissue.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Good Evening Donna,
Its 8:05 this evening and i notice Migi biting one of his hoof theres something stuck on top of his hoof or a scaly scab and he trying to bit it off when i tried to take a look at it up close he came charging at me and i fell backwards whatever it is i hope it falls off by itself b/c i notice its been irritating him since yesterday as for trimming his hoof i don't think he will let me do that is there anything else that he can do to make his hoof wear down on its own? B/c i read that by making goats walk on cement it wears down the hoofs down but i don't know how long thats going to take. I haven't trim his hoofs down since he was a baby so i really don't know how i'm going to do this. Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

Re the hoof item, hard to tell what it is, it could be an injury or abscess, would just watch and wait on that.  Re hoof trimming, having a play toy with cement on it so the goat jumps on and off and at that time files the hooves, but this only works on hooves to keep them trimmed not to trim.  I would contact the local cooperative extension office and see if a 4H goat project youth might be able to come to your place and show you how to trim the hooves.  Donna


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