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Good Evening Donna,
U know yesterday morning i gave Migi his regular vitamin b-complex & his usual probiotic paste but excluded the DURAMYCIN & and he seemed a tad better today so i was wondering if i was over giving the DURAMYCIN B/c before i was giving him that he was fine. The only reason i was giving it to him was b/c of the weather change it was so so windy/raining/cold. & like u said it should only be given as a preventative for only several days so maybe i overdosed him w/the DURAMYCIN would that be a possibility? Hes still not eating much of his snack food just a little hay here/& there. Also Donna he refuses to come in at night he likes to stay outside but i don't like the idea of him staying out at night b/c of the cold air. So is it okay for him to stay out at night when its cold? Do they like it b/c its cool? If its okay for him then thats fine with me. I'm just afraid that he'll catch a cold and come down with PNEUMONIA OR BRONCHITIS. I know the weather is nothing compared to your weather over there but all this time its been nice & warm here then all of a sudden it gets cold at night & i'm not use to him staying out all night outside. What do u think let me know. Thanks Donna

Me & Migi

So, over doing antibiotics can sometimes upset their digestive tract.  If you think he is ill or coming down with a pneumonia then you could give 5 days worth of duramycin and then stop and wait for 5 days to see how he is doing.  Most goats like to stay outside - gets more fresh air that way - so if he wants to stay out and he has a shelter to go into outside that's fine.  Our goats love sleeping outside and even outside of their shelters many times - even when it is in the 20s (not raining though) I will find them curled up outside of their shelters.  Hope this helps - Donna


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