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Good Evening Donna,
Update on Migi - Migi seems alot better today i picked up b-complex yesterday and the one that i picked up when i emailed u u told me to get the one that has the highest B-1 THIAMINE and the one that i got the pharmacist said had 1,0000 THIAMINE in it is this okay? Plus i'm adding 2 more tablets of 100mg to his b-complex regimen. His poop is starting to get back to normal just little small berrie clumps. Hes eating his hay more but u know Donna i guess i'm so use to him eating his snack/foods but hes not eating it. He acts like he wants to eat it but he dosen't. I think b/c its the same ol' snack/food over & over could it be b/c hes bored w/the same snack/food. Is this normal? So he goes back to eating his hay. Is he still sick or will he get back to eating his snack food. I don't know if hes drinking enough water but both sides of his tummy looks sunken in. He looks better not standing in one area & hes alert walks around looking for weeds like normal just not eating his snack/food. I worry b/c hes now too skinny and i feel that just only hay won't fatten him up like how he was before he got digestive upset. He likes to eat paper and card board boxes whats up with that. Please let me know. Thanks Donna,

Me & Migi

Thanks for the update.  The thiamine is fine.  Glad his poop is getting better.  Have you put any flavoring in his water to see if he will drink it more?  Sometimes goats do get tired of the same food.  Eating hay and weeds is of course the best for Migi.  Keep me posted - Donna


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