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My nanny is about 3 years old, she had 2 kids last March and she was really fat. She evidently got wormy before I noticed and now she has gone done real fast.  We wormed her with cydectin about 2 weeks ago and she has steadily went down.  Now she can hardly stand, we have to pick her up and she will not attempt to walk.  She is still willing to eat.  I have given her hay and noticed that she is having soft stool movements,(not normal goat peels). Today she was laying down with her head up( I have her locked away from the herd) She yells out but I think it is from the herd leaving her and not pain. Today I gave her 10cc of red cell and 240 cc of water mixed with gatorade through a syring.  She will make no effort to drink from a pan.  This afternoon I got her on her feet and noticed that she now has runny brown diarrhea. I don't know what else to do, need help.  My granddaughter named this goat "Oreo" and I really want to save her.

This is a situation where you need to get a vet to give her an iv. Try another dewormer, also give kaolin pectin to stop the diarrhea, fortified vitamin b injection to support her rumen, and also find good roughage, even wheat straw helps. Keep giving her the liquids by syringe, especially if you can't get a vet. Good luck. I hope you can get her turned around.


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