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"i have a 4 week old baby goat with a 106 fever. i also found sucking lice on him and the rest of my heard that uim currently treating. his breathing seems raspy, but no discharge from the nose or eyes. i had these same symptoms with a goat 2 days ago and after sleeping with him for two nights he couldn't pull through. :/. this kid was planned to be my last FFA show and we were planning on winning it all. but im really worried about him.
so far i have been bottle feeding him and have tried getting rid of the lice with cylecene but i still see some i ran out so i have to wait till my next order comes in. ive given him nutria drench and have been giving him bounce back. he seems to be pooping and peeing just fine. but acts simi anemic. oh and ive given him .8cc of B12. he weights about 12+ pounds"

Sounds like pneumonia - would start on penicillin injectable (this is regular penicillin available at the feed store - not the long acting type) at 1 cc twice a day for 3 days.  He also should have human aspirin - 1/2 of an 81 mg low dose aspirin crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, cooled and given orally every 4 hours until the fever is down.  Not sure what you are using for lice but on a 4 week old the only thing you can use safely is a dust - livestock or poultry dust - don't get near the nose or eyes.  Also dust all other goats and bedding.  For adult goats you should also use Zimectrin horse wormer - an oral wormer with ivermectin in it - you can use this on goats older than 2 months of age - for adult goats you double their weight and use that measurement to find the dosing on the plunger - put the lock on the amount and give orally.  For kid goats 2 months to 9 months you can use 1/2 inch of the paste orally.  Give now and repeat in 2 weeks - also use the dust now and again in 2 weeks.  If the kid is not eating well for you - you will need to orally dose with human electrolytes to keep him hydrated.  Also use B complex human tablets crushed and dissolved in hot water, cool and give orally - B12 really does nothing for goats - it is the thiamine (B1) and other B vitamins together that help.  Let me know - Donna - you are also welcome to call me at 360-742-8310 if you need to.  


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