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QUESTION: "i have a 4 week old baby goat with a 106 fever. i also found sucking lice on him and the rest of my heard that uim currently treating. his breathing seems raspy, but no discharge from the nose or eyes. i had these same symptoms with a goat 2 days ago and after sleeping with him for two nights he couldn't pull through. :/. this kid was planned to be my last FFA show and we were planning on winning it all. but im really worried about him.
so far i have been bottle feeding him and have tried getting rid of the lice with cylecene but i still see some i ran out so i have to wait till my next order comes in. ive given him nutria drench and have been giving him bounce back. he seems to be pooping and peeing just fine. but acts simi anemic. oh and ive given him .8cc of B12. he weights about 12+ pounds"

I do not see where you are addressing the fever..  I suspect with this time of year and weather and a fever of 106 he most likely has pneumonia.. (lice will not  show a fever)  this is treated with antibiotics..The best over the counter antibiotic for upper respiratory is Tylan200 Here http://goat-link.com/content/view/177/168/ (the generic name is tylosin and is just as good)  (NOT to be confused with LA200 ) PennG  will do VERY little for this.. so you do need the Tylan200  I use 1cc/25lbs - I would use 1/2cc for him.. twice a day.. 7 days  AND to address the lice..  the only thing I have ever found to really get the lice  is Ivomec POURON.. the generic name is ivermectin pouron  and is just as good - (see this - http://goat-link.com/content/view/180/168/) cylence does not  do as good a job.. you are putting time and money out for  little results.. what  are you feeding in his bottle ? IF you are feeding  kid replacer as opposed to regular milk or goat milk - change his bottles..  read this article here- http://goat-link.com/content/view/94/76/

I have added articles I have written because they are well written and  full of information  - no sense to repeat this here in any kind of condensed form.. :) You are better off to read the entire illustrated article


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QUESTION: I think the lice is causing them to become animic because the baby now wont even stand up. it happen with the other one as well. everything ive given him just wont make any results. ive talked to my vet and he told me to basically do exactly what I said I was doing. I love this vet and hes never done me wrong yet but I am really doubting his advice so im seeking some more help. could this be like a tetnus thing? dehorned all the babies last week and gave them 2cc of CDT.
another possibility my mom thought of is we just extended our goat pen and it now includes the site where my full grown buck died in may. we thought he was bit by a rattle snake but we still have some doubt.

I really appcrate the advice and ill try anything at this point this goat has been my best friend since it was born and im ridiculously attached so if I lost him it would just be devastating

This is not tetanus, not a snake bite, nor is it an issue with where you buck died last year- get the ivermectin pour on  as I  stated in the last note.. the lice are causing the anemia..  if you do not address this right away this baby will die.. in addition supplement with b vitamin injections (I use 1cc/25lbs) daily and nutri-drench orally - if this kid still has a fever then you must also address this..  is the navel cord area swollen or red? if so this may be navel ill- or what they call joint ill.. again this requires antibiotics.. I'm afraid if this is not  taken care of Beyond what the vet is telling you because it obviously is not working..  you are going to lose this kid and I'd hate to see that happen..  read the articles I sent to you again..


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