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litl Momma
litl Momma  
I am taking care of two goats and wondered if the female was bloated or pregnant. that was sept 30 and now it is dec 3 and she has been digging around for weeks and got so large she could only seem to sit upright or kneel on forelegs to sleep. the male she came with is neutered. I had them both get shots and worming about 5-6 weeks ago. She has had a clearish and sometimeswhite discharge,not much.
So I have been watching numerous videos and visiting goat people websites. I think I can handle this ok, but what I am wondering is
1. will the baby/babies be ok to be cleaned off by their mother or should I intervene? I'm worried about their breathing.
2.The pen holds the male also, is this ok ?
3. Although the pen is indoors it is in an old building in a walkout concrete basement, will the babies need anything other than momma to stay warm?
thanks for your help :)

So it does sound like and looks like from the photo that she is pregnant, especially if she is still eating and drinking well, peeing and pooping okay, correct?  The discharge is probably the mucous plug and that is normal.  You do not want to see any bloody or brownish discharge as that could indicate placental tearing or an infection.  I always try to be at the birth so that I can help if needed.  Do you know if this is her first time kidding?  I always dry off the kids with towels, especially if the weather is cold and/or damp outside.  Depending on what the outside temperature is you may need to add a heat lamp to the area to keep the kids a little warmer.  Plenty of bedding is excellent - from the photo looks like there is a good amount.  I always also like to use a human ear syringe to clean out the kid's mouth and nose to be sure they are breathing easily and well, even though mommma will help with that or should.  If the pen is small that is even better in order to not let the kids get cold and to help keep the warmth in.  I definitely would take the male out of there as once the kids are born the doe can be re-bred immediately and you don't want the kids getting stepped on or otherwise put in harms way, and the doe should not be re-bred immediately anyway.  Hope this helps - let me know.  If you need emergent help when kidding time comes - perhaps the doe needs help delivering, etc., and would like to talk, please feel free to call me at 360-742-8310.


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