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Goats/small pregnant goat, 1st pregnancy.


Newly acquired goat of 7 goats from old man. Wasn't noticed until today. Thick white, dry, hard substance that looks like dried white clay covering whole birthing area; down backs of legs to hocks (hair missing there); on utter, and tips of ears.

Thinking of pouring peroxide over areas, then washing with soap and water, drying and applying Neosporin (which is the only thing that works on sore rabbit feet). Feed stores are closed now until Monday.

Hi there - if she is pregnant and is close to kidding, it could be the mucous plug having pased - this happens about one or two weeks before kidding.  Washing is a good idea.  If this doe is not pregnant then this could be an infection/uterine infection.  Are he pelvic ligaments gone?  Re the missing hair, that could be mange mites for which a poultry dust would work well. Missing hair can also be selenium deficiency.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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