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Sorry I havent gotten back to u for an update but it has been a little crazy around here. The weather has been nice all weekend so I took advantage an introduced my little ones to the rest of the herd for a few hrs. a day. And I stayed w/ them just incase someone got a little rough! They seemed to really enjoy the sun and pestering all the older does!   Anyway back to Zee. First of all he wants no part of the herd!  He literally hides in a corned until I come to get him.  I did give him mineral oil yesterday morning after ur message. He now is pooping yellow/orange again a bit loose but nothing to worry about as of now I dont think.  He was in the house yesterday for about 3 hrs. and after 1 minutes of those hrs. he was so wired that I returned him to his pen.  He was acting normal with a huge appetite. I also gave selinium to him yesterday and will repeat as u said.  He stayed out all night and we checked on him every 2 hrs and fed every 4 hrs and he did wonderful.  Now I did just go out to feed and he would only take 1 oz of his milk, but acts fine. I di notice his belly extremely tight so Im back to wondering about him and mom.I will watch him though with that. Do npt think it is anything much but who knows right.  Thank u for all ur help and I will let u know how things go!  I do believe he is going to keep me on my toes everyday!!

Thanks so much for the update - it can be a circus with new little ones - re Zee nice to hear he seems to be doing well.  If his belly is tight when you check on him again I might think he is starting enterotoxemia or he is just bloated - another CDT vaccination of 1/2 cc and mineral oil again might be warranted.  Hope this helps.  Take care - keep me posted - Donna

Forgot to say re little Zee's herd experience - he may not really become part of the herd easily until he is old enough to feel secure with the herd - all the ones I bottle raise by about 6 months of age do very well in the herd experience with other goats their age and with the older goats.  


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