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We recently got an adorable 6 month goat with an injured hind leg, she cant put much pressure on it and it might be a little swollen but she still walks around, shes eating and pooping well,she has dry eye boogers and on the nose as well, i don't want to say it is an eye discharge because this is our first goat and i don't really know anything about them, i applied hydrogen peroxide on her eyes with a cloth to try to remove it and petroleum jelly under her nose, although i did some research i'm not sure what else to do

Do you know how it injured its leg? Are there any wounds on the leg? Is the leg warm to touch? Let me know - there are some regimens you can do to help it if I know a little more.  She could have just sprained the leg and that's all, so time along with human aspirin at one 81 mg low dose aspirin/25 pounds body weight, crushed and dissolved in hot water, cooled and given orally twice a day for a few days to help with pain and swelling would help.  If the leg is warm this could indicate an infection or if she has been eating a high amount of protein then laminitis could be the cause.  So, let me know re the above questions if you could.  What feed regimen is she currently on?  Are there other goats that she is in with who are aggressive?

Re the eye - no hydrogen peroxide to the eyes - you can use human eye drops to cleanse the eye but that's all.  It could be she has a little cold, and from the dry discharge around the nose it sounds like that is what it is.  Would not worry too much about this unless the eyes start tearing up a lot with a lot of discharge that runs down from them, the eye membranes up and down get red/angry looking, and possibly a white covering shows up on the eye which then indicates this is an eye infection and you would need to treat with NFZ puffer, an antibiotic powder that is puffed into the eye, or terramycin eye ointment which is a gel and squeezed gently along the lower eyelid with the eyelids open.  This regimen is done twice a day for 5 days.  Let me know the symptoms above happen.  


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