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Goats/baby goat congestion


QUESTION: How much children Robitussin do you give a 5 day old goat for congestion?

ANSWER: I usually use Children's Benadryl but Robitussin for children probably will help - for a 5-day old goat would suggest 1/2 cc to start with - this also depends on the size of the kid goat.  This would be every 4 to 6 hours.  Re the congestion, have you started the kid goat on antibiotics?  Would suspect this is a pneumonia and injectable penicillin works very well - 1/2 cc for a 5 to 6 pound kid goat twice a day for 3 days.  This should be given intramuscularly - have you give injections before?  Use of a 22 gauge 3/4 inch length needle works very well - use of the thigh muscle is the best location (definitely not the neck) - you must draw back on the plunger once the needle is in to be sure you are not in a vein (red color would fill the barrel) and at that point you must pull out as goats are allergic to antibiotics in their veins.  He the kid goat running a fever?  Over 102.5 is a fever.  Is the goat kid otherwise eating and drinking okay?  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: This is my neighbors goat... Not the best at caring for their animals... The mom is a Boer goat, she had triplets, one died right after birth and the other two were fine... About a day later the one baby followed mom out of the hut and couldn't find it's way back in and froze to death...The only one left had frost bite on on foot and both ears, I was able to get them thawed out and blood flow back to them... I have put a sock on his ears and a sm dog coat on him and lots of straw in the hut... I really am just trying to do what I can to save him...I have never given a goat a shot, and never IM and don't know how or where to get antibiotics, is there something over counter orally I can give antibiotic wise that I can get from feed store? I have the soluble power you add to water ? But couldn't come close to figuring out dosage.. I guess I will just try the childrens Robitussin Cf for chest congestion, cough and stuffy nose.. will I give the same dosage as the Benadryl? Thanks for the help!

ANSWER: Thanks for the information.  Sounds like the little one has a pneumonia and it is possible oral antibiotics could help but many times injectable must be needed.  Penicillin and oxytetracycline is over the counter at most feed stores.  What type of soluble powder do you have?  Most soluble powder oral antibiotics have a dose of 1/4 teaspoon (for a young kid goat) twice a day for 7 days - you have to mix this with a little sweetened liquid - honey or apple juice, or something like that as the powder tastes terrible.  I would give the same dose for the children's robitussin as for the benadryl.  Hope this helps - let me know.  You are a very good person to take on caring for this little goat - very nice - Donna

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QUESTION: The powder antiboitic I have is Duramycin-10 Tetracycline Soluble Powder..I going to head over and give the baby the Robitussin for now and see what happens, Thanks so much for your help... I have been saving their animals for 6 years now...I do animal rescue and I just can't walk away from an animal in need..

Duramycin will work fine using the same amount 1/4 teaspoon mixed in another liquid, given orally.  Hoping the little guy improves.  Do you know if he received his colostrum? It might help him to add some colostrum powder (bovine type found at the feed/farm store) - is he on bottles or is he still on his mom? Donna


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